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Poll for tabletop gamers!

I’m trying to help my significant other get some data to answer a question between three veteran gamers at their job!

If you’re a tabletop gamer, how many d20’s do you own?

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    Umm more than 20 less than 50
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    No idea, can’t find my box. :(
  3. eolh2011 answered: 16+1d4 d20s worth of damage as a GM who shares dice.
  4. writeinwhite answered: 5 :) I love my d20s. I interchange them depending on how well they role before the game.
  5. anthonyhj answered: Between six and ten? I think my wife has something more like 20-30, but she’s a crazy dice-hoarder / breeder…
  6. panromanticgargleblasters answered: 12
  7. serenity-beginswitha-smile answered: I think about 20, but I probably only use about 5, rotating amongst them during the evening
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  9. rune-cat answered: 2. but I haven’t played in a while.
  10. rikonius answered: 29
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  12. persephone977 answered: lots, there is no such thing as too many dice…if you are just starting out, get at least 5 sets of dice, with extra D10s & D6s for reasons.
  13. nerdcomingoutofthenerdcloset answered: 12
  14. smartamaster answered: I have 1 d20, but I haven’t had a chance to NEED more, sadly.
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  16. ankhanu answered: 5-7, not including the ones my wife and daughter use… but I started as a West End Games d6 player… tonnes of D6s!!
  17. invader-tez answered: 17
  18. lvl5metagross answered: 10, maybe 9 as one could have gone “missing”.
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  20. evilslinkycat answered: Without counting them i would say about 20 or so.
  21. nubville answered: I own 3 or 4, they came with full sets, but I own a lot of D6 because I play warhammer, and D10 cause of Whitewolf >.>
  22. ichbinerica answered: Only one for now :/ I’m pretty new to it
  23. rpgwizzard answered: 6. Two green, a white, a black, a blue, and purple.
  24. korvusomnium answered: About 5 <3 They’re all so perty~
  25. agrownupgeekgirl answered: At least 10 it might be more..
  26. shaddowbunneh answered: 4
  27. tremendiouslytori answered: Currently? 8. (6 as part of a full set)
  28. lost-among-the-leaves answered: sorry, I at least do not play :3
  29. newmagiclight answered: 3
  30. insomnifox answered: One
  31. geekgirlsmash answered: about 20.
  32. empyreanobscure answered: Roughly eight.
  33. strictlyfromdullville answered: Four.
  34. ganthor answered: literally too many to count. Its a tradition for me to buy a pound of die for myself for Christmas.
  35. sociallyuncomfortable answered: 4
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  37. thegeek531 answered: Umm… Maybe 8-12? Not sure. Maybe more?
  38. impscorner answered: …close to 30 perhaps
  39. literaryfirearms answered: 5, but i always want more.
  40. himehimesukisukidaisuki answered: 1 but I have only been playing for half a year.
  41. cryosession answered: As many as my Smart Phone App allows me to throw in a given time. Answer: Infinite.
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  44. lychizzle answered: As previously answered, 19
  45. n8knyte answered: 3
  46. iiphides answered: Four!
  47. wildhaunt answered: 1! It’s all I need … my single lonely d20 *strokes it lovingly*
  48. tomatoclone answered: 4