Southern Renaissance
Homestuck theory:

UU and uu are the Mirthful Messiahs of the Highblood cult.


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  3. ops-and-ais answered: Personally, They’re Hadron Kaleido(uu) and Mobius Trip(UU).
  4. turntechgoathead answered: I’ll agree with this
  5. reconditionedmemories answered: My theory is this gets the most notes out of anything you have ever posted.
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    say this is a good one but it’d be weird because they’re probably limebloods- eh, dogma gets distorted, sure
  8. devindickwilly answered: ImsoexcitedImnottheonlyonewhothoughtthat. But eh.
  9. askaterribleartist answered: dicks everywhere
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  14. spookyeddy answered: i doubt it, i mean we already have Gamzee
  15. indigosclutch answered: well UU had wore a cout with half of Karkats symbol (
  16. thefallenangels123 answered: Interesting take on it. I’m not quite sure myself though.
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  20. the-artist-formerly-known-as-jd answered: I hope that means beeyouteeful face paint.
  21. icyterrorofdeads answered: they cant be. Gamzee is already both of them.
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  23. flowerjock answered: Well we know that atleast UU has the same squiggle horns as the grand highblood, so it seems like a plausible theory.
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